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An unemployed writer keeping sane during The Depression II.

Lighten Up

Posted by The eDater on January 24, 2009

Great thing about being unemployed during a depression is, ads are aimed straight at you. Feeling broke? No problem – it’s totally in! Suddenly, I don’t feel slightly ill thinking about eating fish n’ chips for $1.69 – I feel like I can afford the Coke too! For about 20 weeks, anyway. (If you don’t know what the 20 weeks refers to, well, you don’t get your unemployment in Maryland, do you?)

With that in mind… I was recently interviewed by The Onion. Here’s a look inside my state of mind.

And, just because the internet’s full of silliness, might as well save on the Super Bowl.


One Response to “Lighten Up”

  1. womaninblack said

    If you’re not unemployed, scanning the pavements for loose change, queuing at soup kitchens and fashioning rain coats from carrier bags, I don’t believe you will be able to say in the future that you truly lived through the depression of 2009. As a fellow writer, this is money in the bank in terms of experience we can draw upon in years to come. Of course this is scant compensation when you’re living in a cardboard box, but we always knew we’d be suffering for our art, right?

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