The Hungry Writer

An unemployed writer keeping sane during The Depression II.

Starting… now.

Posted by The eDater on January 24, 2009

So it begins.

Two weeks and one day ago, I was laid off. Nothing personal, nothing to do with performance – and I believe it. Our busi… – pardon – the business was going down the tubes. Already had plenty of lay-offs. I’d expected it.

And for 15 days I’ve looked for work. Actually saw a couple things that interest me.

But the biggest thing I’ve noticed is how few jobs are out there… and how many people are searching. Just running the numbers – applications to positions – I think getting into an Ivy league school is now approximately 40 times easier than getting a job. No joke – I actually ran the numbers.

So, a guy like me, what to do? I can hang my head, kick the snow, and mope… I can write to everyone I’ve ever known or will know, write prolific humble letters to bosses I’d never want… or I can select a few good jobs, press hard – work on my own projects, laugh often – and start a blog all about it.

I figure I’m not alone out here. Or if I am, I won’t be for long. So let’s share some chuckles as we head towards the abyss. We’ve got the time, we’ve got the unemployment checks – what the hell, right?

So here we go.


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