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An unemployed writer keeping sane during The Depression II.

Wa hahahaha.

Posted by The eDater on January 26, 2009

They had much cooler hats than we will.

They had much cooler hats than we will.

As I peruse the business news this morning, there’s just so much good stuff for a blog about unemployment and the depression.

Like, Caterpillar – one of the pillars of DJIA, by the way – cutting 20,000 jobs. And Sprint following close behind, with 8,000 job cuts. Welcome to the bread lines, fellas!

Incidentally, Sprint says it’ll save $1.2 billion with those 8,000 cuts, meaning the average worker they’re cutting made $150,000 a year. Now, there’s probably one or two bigwigs bringing that number up, but those still have to be some well-paid folks. Well-paid folks are especially hurt by layoffs, because unemployment caps at a certain amount – in MD, you get half wages up to about $400 a week. Most of the country has something similar.

Luckily, I was paid poorly enough I’m actually getting my full half wages. Meaning unemployment forces an adjustment, but a doable one. I’m learning to love bologna – and to really love my own four walls.

For Wealthy McDucky, unemployment won’t come close to paying the rent/mortgage, let alone those nice restaurant meals, the Knicks season tickets he’s locked into, or that European vacation he already reserved since the pound is just so low, it’d be a crime not to go!

Sorry, Wealthy McDucky. You’re really screwed. Shoulda saved instead of buying the really nice condo that you could just barely afford. But hey, saving was definitely not in vogue a couple years ago when you bought the condo. People told you the condo could count as savings, after all! You probably took out a second or third mortgage as the price went up! The better to afford the finer things.

Hey, another great aspect of the depression: stomps down on materialism. All those things suddenly feel a lot like junk, don’t they? Me, I could give away all my possessions save two – and enough clothes to be clothed – and I’d be happy.

Which two? Laptop and iPhone. Why? They’re tools – the modern day digital swiss army knives. Both give  a voice. So I’ll keep them. They replace the pen and paper – which aren’t as valuable anymore, few things go through a pen and paper phase. You need to be online to be heard.

The rest of my crap? For the right price, it’s yours. Trying times like these increase spiritualism, not just because people are in trouble, but because moments of crisis cause people to realize what’s truly valuable. And it’s rarely the same stuff they thought mattered in times of plenty.

It’s not all crying faces praying for help, in other words. Plenty of folks will have their own mini-awakenings, and they’ll be real, not just grasping at straws.

Ah, but we were talking about the news. You know what, nevermind. It’s bad and getting worse. Lots of arguments over how much worse, lots of fear for what’s ahead, and they’re starting to do the ‘human’ stories about people affected by the recession. Those’re always good. Maybe I’ll get me a cardboard box and try to get on the evening news.


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