The Hungry Writer

An unemployed writer keeping sane during The Depression II.

About Ryan

Ah, what a handsome white devil in Japan!

Ah, what a handsome white devil in Japan!

Ryan Cole was born in Baltimore a baby. Since that time he has grown. Ryan was privileged enough to have his education paid for, but not so privileged as to have everything paid for, leading to a succession of eccentric jobs. He served the rich and famous in anonymity, wrestled the dust of medical tomes searching out gory photos and minimum wage, climbed mountains daily with the wealthy on snowmobiles, and pretended to be an adult for campers two years his junior.

Ryan attended college at the University of Pennsylvania, and was very happy to be in the Class of 2000. He studied in London for a year, and spent three months backpacking across Europe, experiencing things and events you aren’t ready to hear about.

After college he hopped in his friend’s fabulous graduation gift and spent three months driving across North America. In 2001 he moved to Japan, where he spent four years teaching English and the pronunciation of r’s, l’s, and th. He spent a fifth year in The Land of the Rising Sun developing his career from a part-time writer to a full-time freelancer.

In February 2006 Ryan moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he convinced numerous visitors they were experiencing the best city on Earth. Unfortunately, Chiang Mai is not the best city to make money, so in December of 2006 he moved back to Baltimore to begin work at The Oxford Club as a financial copywriter. The company thought enough of Ryan to send him to Vermont to study with one of the copywriting greats, Paul Hollingshead.

Then came the financial storm. Investment newsletters were hit particularly hard, and though Ryan survived the first round of cuts at his workplace (15%-20% of the workforce), he succumbed during the second round. Currently, Ryan is jobless – which is wonderful in almost every way. Except money-wise, of course.

But Ryan’s free to work on his long-term projects now. Oh yeah! And you finally get to hear from him. The wait is over.

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