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Someone’s gotta say it.

Posted by The eDater on January 25, 2009

Careerbuilder sucks. I forgot just how much it sucks. Soon’s you activate your account, they bombard you with emails and updates. (They’re bad enough my mail program automatically thought it was spam.) Spambots start writing you, ‘begging’ you to work for them, from home, for thousands of dollars a day. Stores want to give you $1000 to shop there. All you need do is pay $60 – or $90 – or $115 – to register. And get 6 friends to do the same, or something equally appalling, you’ve seen these scams. Now, I’m seeing them a lot more. A LOT more.

Sadly, the navigation is better than Monster’s, and the job posts don’t cross over that much. Indeed, for writers and media types, there seems to be more on Careerbuilder. So we’ve gotta just suck it up, I suppose. My delete trigger is fast – and I’ve nothing better to do, right?

And while we’re on the topic, those freelance bidding sites are soul destroyers. You go on there, and a project looks good… until you see someone’s willing to do it for $15. I mean, come on. Who’s that shmuck? And who’s the shmuck who trusts a multi-day project to someone working for 30 cents an hour?

Well, they’re the employed, I suppose. Fear them, my brethren.

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