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Another week down

Posted by The eDater on January 25, 2009

Apps today: 3

Projects worked on: 2

Fun for “freelancers” – try to guess the day! I figured it out when the post office door just wouldn’t open, no matter how hard I leaned. And I get out so little these days, I woulda been disappointed if there hadn’t been a 7-11 to browse nearby. Out in VT, things like 7-11 are exciting. Can’t wait to get to a city again – I mean, I love the nature and all, but in winter, most everything outdoorsy costs quite a bit of money.

Oh, I could go snowshoeing. But, honestly, I don’t know that I’m up for it. Nor that my snowshoes could really, actually, support me in the four feet or so of fluff out there now.

Tomorrow, though, I’m going to hit the slopes. I’ve still got two freebies left from my brief stint as a ski instructor – hadta quit when I found out that, 1, I was fired from the day job and would thus have to move, and 2, anything I earn from part-time work gets subtracted from my unemployment checks. Work for free? Hell no!

Randomly: I’m going through a bit of an MGMT phase. Mostly because my iPod has randomly chosen their albums with statistically improbable regularity. That, and they’re good.

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Cake me baby!

Posted by The eDater on January 25, 2009

Eat me free! Wee!

Eat me free! Wee!

Yaha! February 24th IHOP is giving away free pancakes! Apparently, they want you to donate some money to some charity, which is noble and all, but for the moment I’m considering myself the charity case.

Ya gotta admit, IHOP sure beats a breadline. So far, our depression is looking to be pretty sweet…

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