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Love this.

Posted by The eDater on January 26, 2009

I'm happy too, buddy.

I'm happy too, buddy.

Hard to explain how happy I am that we’ve got a new guy running things. And articles like this are a big reason why. If you don’t have the time to RTFA, basically, Obama’s saying he wants us energy independent – and he’s doing things to make it happen. Raising CAFE standards for one thing – to 35 mpg. With as much political capital as he’s got, and with Dems in all the key positions, this could definitely happen. Allowing states to set their own standards as well – so California can raise the bar for all of us.

Frankly, I can’t understand why everyone isn’t behind something like this. On the left, we’ve got all this scientific evidence on global warming, with the few deniers sounding an awful lot like ‘scientists’ in the 60s claiming smoking doesn’t cause cancer. The scientific debate is over, save for a few nutjobs and oil-sponsored studies. It’s over people. The scientific consensus is about equal to the consensus behind evolution. Which is to say, there is no credible scientist debating it anymore (politicians and journalists are another thing).

Then on the right, you’ve got the national security issue. As long as we’re beholden to OPEC – and especially as long as our fancy billion dollar weapon systems depend on oil – we’re always going to be hemmed in. And it’s oil money that is funding large parts of the mideast terror network. This is very simple stuff, and a lot of conservatives are connecting those dots.

And for everybody, a true Green Revolution could prove the kind of game-changer for the economy that World War II was. Think about it. If we really are in a depression – and you know I believe we are – then something massive like this will likely be needed to drag us out. The stimulus involved in creating a new industry is huge. If we had a Green Revolution to rival the Apollo Program and the Manhattan Project, then we’d really have something.

My Dad’s been pushing this idea for years. And he’s a Republican. Now that the economy is dying, it’s that much more urgent. There’re thousands of reasons why this is a good idea, and I can’t think of any good reason to be against it. Even if you think global warming is hooey – and that’s really hard to do with any logic these days – and even if you think transferring billions of dollars to OPEC each year is just fine – which is just as hard to do – you still gotta know, the oil’s going to run out sometime. Believe in Peak Oil, don’t believe in Peak Oil, doesn’t matter – oil’s a finite resource. Better to make the switch while we’ve still got some to run the necessary machines, right?

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