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Blurry Insight?

Posted by The eDater on January 24, 2009

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So I was just taking a long nap in the middle of the day – as that’s one of the truly great aspects of the unemployed life – and this dream I have posits a thought. In the dream, I’m working two different girls – one is across the DMZ in North Korea where I can visit occasionally, ya know, dreamworld stuff, you shoulda seen the crashes of the rafts that flew back across the bridge and went full-speed into the supports – and I’m on the phone with the other who I was struggling to break through with… but suddenly I get the key, I say the right things, I can tell, I’m in.

Just at this moment, my parents – who are not my parents, but some elegant handsome tux-and-dress pair that would, as the silhouettes, fit into a wordless diamonds are forever commercial – my dreamworld parents are riding an elevator to visit me in my Korean flat, when my mom underneath her tight bun of hair says “He’s got it,” and then she drops the bomb, “Success in the world is proportionate to success with women – so watch out.”

Now, she actually said this like a warning, like success is a bad thing – my brain loves and is drawn to paradoxes – but that thought was jarring enough to wake me. No one’s reading this thing yet, but I’m going to ask the ether anyway – whaddaya think? Is the magnetism that makes you attractive to the opposite sex, does it have anything to do with success in other parts of life? Let’s limit ourselves to business – since this blog is supposedly going to revolve around such things a bit.

Are the crossover aspects – things like confidence, humor and appeal – are they dominant enough in both sex and money that you rarely find someone with one without the other? Or are other traits – things like intelligence (don’t lie girls – guys, you wouldn’t bother with that lie), organization, (or conversely looks) – so important that they tend to rule your business life, and are, being very generous, hit or miss when it comes to sexual conquests (and vice versa)?

Of course you can think of examples both supporting or refuting the theory – and of course you can answer with yes buts and no unlesses – but, only picking one, gut feeling, what think you? Just how tied together are they?

And if you can, try to forgo the magnetism of success itself. Forget the begets, and just get at that inner kernel.

Comments folks.

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